Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS)

Single Action Shooting (SAS), Western Action Shooting (WAS)

The sport of Cowboy Action Shooting has become the fastest growing shooting sport in the last two decades, carried out in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa.  You ask what is it? That question can easily be answered with words such as, friendship, fun, family, good times, to mention just a few. It is a shooting sport which takes us back to the days of less complication and stress in our lives. It lets you forget about all those things which keep you up at night and give.  In this activity you leave the world as you experience it everyday and enter the time era of approximately the 1860’s/ 1890’sThis is the shooting sport where you take on an alias, for example “Billy the Kidd”, but must not be taken by anyone else, this can lead to some creative thinking. Then you decide what type of character you are going to be.  Now you know what you want to wear and who you will be out there. We have everything from people that are just cowpoke wranglers, to saloon girls, bandits, and school marms. One does not have to pick anything from history. We have characters ranging from historical people to movie cowboys, and then of course there are the all original cowboys who are just themselves. Ask yourself deep inside, when you played cowboys, who did you always want to play. And go for it. Outfits do not have to be elaborate, most of us start out lowly, as we find as time goes on we seem to modify what we thought we wanted, into something that just says it is us. The equipment that one uses, is a revolver, (usually two but not always) shotgun, and rifle, with an occasional knife required. The firearms are required to be of certain calibres, types and models.  As with your firearms, your ammunition has certain specifications which must be met.  This can be found on the equipment page or SAS rules as well. Our sport is one divided into stages, each of which has a storyline attached to it.  You will find all kinds of interesting props at these stages, which both enhance and may be part of the storyline. Scoring is very simple it is by time, and number of misses.  But who is counting score anyways, because we all know, that we come out simply to have a great day’s activity and fun with our friends.  This is but, a brief description of this sport.  If you are interested, please do continue to travel through these pages and have yourself a right fun time.

General Information
Cowboy Action Shooting has a unique concept which rules our competitions; this is what we call, “The Spirit of the Game”. We come to participate fully, participating in all parts of the days events. We do not look to become gamey, and try to figure some way to get an upper advantage over the other cowpokes. Otherwise you follow the stages as stated and not as you wish to interpret them.  All said, good sportsmanship is the true definition of the “Spirit of the Game”.In the sport of Cowboy Action shooting there are several classifications under which you may participate.  The classification would be determined by the type of revolver and powder you have chosen to use. For example a basic way to know which class, is as follows:  If your revolver has adjustable sights you are in the “Modern Class”.  Should your revolver, have fixed sights you would participate in the “Traditional Class”. Then of course should you could be using black powder or substitute in you cartridges you may choose to participate in the “Frontier Black Powder”.  These are but a few choices you may have. The choices you may have will depend upon which range you attend. It is best to query this with the club contact person.

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Updated: March 2021